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    With the professional, excellent and innovative research attitude and adhering to the management philosophy “solve the leakage problem once and for all”, Shenglong Building Materials Co., Ltd provides customers with one-stop service for all your water leakage problems, which has gain good reputation and heartfelt appreciation at home and abroad. The company has cooperated with domestic and overseas enterprises since and established a systematic sales network, which can provide customers with high quality products and comprehensive solutions.

    Shenglong Building Materials Co., Ltd. not only distributes its products through traditional channels, but also, as a pioneer in the industry, spares no efforts to establish the first online sales platform of its kind in China Shenglong Jiancai APP., which makes it possible for our customers to place an order at their fingers conveniently.


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邮箱/Mail:[email protected]
地址/Add:上海市松江区九亭大街1003号启纯 商务楼
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